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Why you can't make custom progress monitors in eclipse

I wanted to make a custom progress monitor with a temperature graph in Eclipse, but it does not seem to be possible. Here's why:
There is a ProgressProvider class that has an abstract createMonitor(Job job) method that is called in the JobManager when creating jobs. The standard concrete implementing class is the ProgressManager, shown above in a dashed box labelled "Discouraged Access". So you can't just override this class.
The JobMonitor is an inner class of ProgressManager, and it is not possible to provide an alternative. Once it has been created and passed to the Job, it has already been displayed as a Dialog, so it can't be wrapped with another Dialog.
Seems impossible, really.

Intermediate vs direct rendering

Just a small, informal diagram of how the new rendering system works, to balance out all the speculative UML sketches I made...
I have not shown the elements inside the element groups, but they are things like line elements, oval elements, and so on.

Creating new molecule editing programs with cdk

After all the work that has gone into making a flexible core for JChemPaint (the controller and renderer modules) I finally have the opportunity to use it for what I wanted : a small custom program for editing molecules from scratch and displaying the spectrum as you go.
This may not look like much, but compare to this next screenshot:
Obviously this is a fairly unlikely molecule, but (if you believe me :), the new ring has caused the program to re-predict a spectrum (using NMRShiftDb). The point of this was to teach me more about the connection between molecules and spectra.