On the mean streets of CDK-city, one massive tower block dominates the skyline in the renderer district - the Renderer2DModel tower...

Masak pointed me to this site due to Richard Wettel which is about a static-analysis tool for making so called 'code cities'. 

Basically, the parking lots (like SMARTSParserConstants) have lots of attributes (in fact, this class only has attributes) while skyscrapers (like in the debug package) have many more methods than attributes (most of the debug classes have no attributes except inherited ones).

There's an eclipse plugin from here called MooseBrewer, and I think there are other tools there I haven't explored. It's great to have a map to this busy code metropolis, as I wondered what my workplace looked like :)


What does the volume of the buildings describe? And the blue boxes are Java packages?
gilleain said…
blue = package
red = class
height = number of methods.
width = number of attributes.