I wanted to show something that hints at the things that the new architecture can afford us:
This is using a Java2D graphics Paint object to make it look like chalk...kindof. It's a very simplistic way of doing it by making a small image with a random number of white, gray, lightgray, and black pixels.

edit: it doesn't look so good at small scales

some tweaking of stroke widths and so on is essential.


Rajarshi said…
Very nice - have you considered using filters for the image as a whole (something like Gimp would do to generate npr renderings) rather than using images for lines?
gilleain said…
Well, this was just a demo of the flexibility of the new architecture, rather than a real attempt to make such an image.

Of course, filters would make it look even better. But I will resist the urge to re-implement photoshop/gimp :)