Ultimate Generic Diagram

Sorry, I couldn't resist, but when reading this paper (see also : this) I came across this paragraph :
The compilation of metabolic data sets comprises three aspects. Each analytical data aquisition produces numerical values as estimates of metabolite concentration [...] Second, all such studies involve biological material [...] and a particular study context and this produces a wide variety of supplementary data (metadata). Finally, many studies process the data further using a variety of algorithms and then subject the data to statistical or bioinformatic analysis..
and made this (fairly foolish) diagram) for myself. I then realised that the diagram covers almost anything, and could be safely incorporated into almost any talk :)

Of course, the symbols (ab)used are very vague - what should be a package is here some kind of 'context'. Who knows, I suppose there is correct UML for this, but anyway.

Oh, and I'm not mocking the original authors - I just realised that what I drew was a bit too general to really mean very much!