Compatibility Table

With the canonical code in place (thanks to open source :) the structure generation goal is much nearer. The first thing to improve is the bond compatibility.

This image shows cuneane (again!) and the bond compatibility table. The table is tricky to calculate, but relatively easy to understand; there is only one bond between atoms of type A - so there is a one in the cell (A, A).

Conversely, no atom of type C is connected to an atom of type A (see this for more detail), so there is a O in both (C, A) and (A, C). Note that the table is not symmetric, as can be seen with (A, B) = 1 and (B, A) = 2. This makes sense, in that an atom of type A is connected to two of type B, and yet an atom of type B is only connected to one of type A.