Bioclipse and Taverna

After a short time with Taverna, I'm starting to see how it compares and contrasts with Bioclipse. As is my wont, here is a diagram illustrating this:
What is meant here is that mostly Bioclipse is used to open-edit-save documents while Taverna is mostly used to get-process-save data. There are plugins for Bioclipse that do more processing style stuff, while you can sort of edit single documents in a workflow. Still.

In the Taverna docs it talks about using Bioclipse as a results viewer for the output of a workflow. I suppose it would be nice to do the reverse and send documents to Taverna from Bioclipse. Perhaps that's already possible; I'm still learning :)

EDIT: ola pointed out to me this page in the bioclipse wiki, although apparently it never worked right.