Classfile family trees

Looking into dependency analysis tools, these are three that I've seen:
  1. eUML2 - a very slick tool with a free version, and a commercial version.
  2. JDepend - a free, open source tool for numerically analysing dependencies.
  3. classcycle - another open source (&free) tool for reporting on cycles/dependencies.
I like the last one the best, as eUML2 adds @UML annotations to your code, and JDepend's stats are a bit opaque.

Especially nice is that classcycle's report tells you the 'Layer' of a class. This is the number of other classes that it builds on top of. So, in cdk, there are various classes in layer 14 (some of the undoredo Edit classes). StabilizationCharges is in layer 13. ChemObject is layer 15!

Perhaps some sort of diagram would be in order...