ChEBI in Bioclipse

Says it all, really.
The scrolling can hang if you move too fast, which might be due to garbage collection? It is a very large file....


How large is the file? Can I download it somewhere? Should we set up a ChEBI plugin, perhaps? Or maybe have this ChEBI data as data plugin? That would be easiest...
gilleain said…
1) 58.2 Mb
2) From the ebi ftp site - I /think/ the ChEBI team meant it to be public, but I will ask them
3) Probably not, they have a good website for this purpose.
4) Maybe, but again, depending on the team.

It is a nice test for bioclipse, but there are other similar tests, in a way.
Kirill said…
Re. (2): It should appear on ftp next Wednesday (April ChEBI release).
Kirill said…
Check The data is provided in two flavours:
* Chebi_lite.sdf file contains only the chemical structure, ChEBI identifier and ChEBI Name.
* Chebi_complete.sdf file contains all the chemical structures and associated information.