Classical studies : Seneca and Medea

More pictures, mainly for my own benefit. First, a possible refactoring of some bioclipse modules:

Where boxes are modules, and lines indicate dependencies. There's a lot of work in that arrow! Only the compute plugin and the seneca plugin have been ported (however incompletely) so far.

The second image shows the extension points for the putative CASE plugin. One is the judge extension point that already exists in the seneca plugin, and the other is a structure source:

This is more general than just a structure generator extension point, and could also include sources from files or databases. I think that this makes sense...


MEDEA does not depend on CASE stuff; it's reaction functionality, oriented at mass spectrometry. However, MEDEA does provide MS spectrum prediction, and hence could be used in a CASE setup. So, extends MEDEA, instead of MEDEA depending on CASE.

I don't understand why you would want to have MEDEA depend on CASE...

I think having a structure generator backed up by a database makes sense too.